Healthy and fun

Each child's routine is planned in conjunction with the parents to ensure the changes from home to nursery are as smooth and gentle as possible.

At PIPS Nursery children are observed carefully so that their strengths can be built on and weaknesses nurtured. A daily diary
is kept so that parents are kept informed of the child's day and includes all activities, diet and any new skills learned and nurtured during their day.


We have a wide variety of toys carefully chosen to encourage development and actively initiate role-play which encourages social awareness, sharing and compassion for others, a huge stepping stone and a never ending lesson in life skills.


All food is freshly cooked on the premises and a well balanced lunch is served at midday. After lunch children and babies may sleep in our coach built prams or travel cots.



A typical day at PIPS

























8am – 9.30am:
Children are greeted by their key worker and play with toys.


A snack and drink while listening to stories, singing nursery rhymes and joining in with daily craft activities.


11am – 12am:
Weather permitting, children play in the garden, feed the rabbits or walk around the farm to see the animals.


12am – 1pm:
Midday lunch, a hot meal freshly cooked every morning,
well balanced and plenty of variety.


1pm – 2.30pm:

Afternoon naps.  Babies under a year keep their routines as close to that of home.


2.30pm – 3pm:

Home time for the children who spend just a morning at PIPS.


3.30pm – 5pm:

The children may play outside or busy themselves inside with puzzle games, listening to music/dancing, dressing up, playing
with toys or simply enjoy looking at books and having stories
read to them.


5pm – 5.30pm:

Teatime, a hot meal prepared for the children to compliment what they haven’t had at lunchtime.


5:30pm – 6:00pm:

Children are ready to go home.